SBU - Social Media Strategy

During my final semester of undergrad, I was given the opportunity to work with our University's marketing department to develop a long term Facebook strategy that could be used for the St. Bonaventure official account. Prior to this effort, the University had struggled in their efforts to boost engagement. I love St. Bonaventure University, and I thoroughly enjoyed developing tactics and creating a content calendar that would capture the attention of prospective students, parents, and alumni. Implementation of the strategy began last summer and the document provided illustrates the vast improvements in engagement.

VP - Digital Marketing Courses

Dr. Northington (Prof. of Digital Marketing) has been known around campus for developing one of the most unique semester-long projects in which teams of undergraduate students are graded on their ability to provide assistance to local businesses. As the Marketing GA, I was given the opportunity to work as an Assistant Professor and teach these classes with Dr. Northington. It was my job to seek out local clients in need of digital assistance, develop teams of undergraduate students capable of meeting these needs, and to manage these groups throughout the semester while pointing them in the right direction. I had the pleasure of meeting with 5-10 groups of undergraduate students each week as we provided assistance with website development, organic and paid social media, content marketing, public relations, and other strategic endeavors. The link on the right highlights some of the clients that we served and what we provided.


C4 Business Consulting Club

C4 Image.jpeg
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My sophomore year, I began working for C4 which was an on-campus business consulting group. Our club consisted of roughly 20-30 members and we had a mission to provide a wide array of consulting services to any local businesses who sought our help. The great thing about C4 was that our club consisted of Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing majors. Therefore, our team possessed a broad scope of knowledge that could be applied overcome any challenge that a local business was facing. I enjoyed meeting with clients in person and working with my teammates over Trello as we addressed the various issues at hand. Throughout my time in C4, I enjoyed developing a promotional strategy for NSD Olean and Leadership Cattaraugus that encompassed digital and traditional advertising. My Junior year, I took part in my first marketing research experiment in which my team assisted Ried's Food Barn in gathering customer perceptions to make improvements. We were given access to a mailing list with thousands of email addresses and our team developed key research questions that needed to be answered. We carefully designed a survey and collected over 500 responses. Using SPSS, we were able to conduct an in-depth analysis and provide RFB with a statistically significant answer to all five of our research questions.