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Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.48.48

As a Grad Assistant, I had the opportunity to collaborate with teams of undergraduate students as we provided digital marketing assistance to businesses in need. We took pleasure in developing various campaigns to improve the digital presence of our clientele. 


Prior to the semester, as Dr. Northington and I sought out local clients in need of marketing assistance, we were approached by managers who worked in our University's Events Dept. Our University had recently started a brand by the name of St. Bonavenue to offer an event-planning service for groups looking to utilize the campus. The marketing plan revolved around promoting our University's venues that could be utilized when students weren't on campus. Business buildings could be used for conferences, athletic facilities could be utilized for sports camps, and the townhouses allowed for living arrangements. 

In addition to assistance with the web design (, I worked with a team to specifically construct a Facebook strategy that our Events Dept. could implement. We primarily focused on creative methods to improve organic reach while also providing a step by step "gameplan" of how the page should be utilized. This was one of my favorite projects to manage and the pdf attached provides just one example of a strategic report that we delivered to the client.

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Woodside Tavern Rebrand

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Last summer, as Dr. Northington and I began to seek out local businesses in need of assistance, we were approached by the Dean of Graduate Studies at St. Bonaventure. At the time, enrollment was down for all four MSEd programs (Adolescent Ed, Literacy, Ed Leadership, and Inclusive Special Ed). Each of these programs were inherently different regarding the curriculum, requirements, and corresponding target market. 

We met with the dean and made a decision to divide our classes into five different teams that would each focus on developing a digital marketing strategy for their assigned program. I enjoyed meeting with these groups weekly as we addressed the promotional challenges that pertained to each specific degree.  As the semester progressed, each team traveled down a unique path to ensure effectiveness of their proposal. For example, the Educational Leadership program in particular is undergoing a transition to a fully online program. Facing this obstacle, our team designed a search, display, and video paid advertising campaign specifically for that degree. On the right is a linked document that we provided to the school Marketing Dept., Program Director, and Dean of Graduate Studies.

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SBU School of Ed

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During the spring semester, my Professor and I were contacted by Woodside Tavern, a local restaurant in Olean, NY. Woodside was known around town for their driving range and beer selection but the owners knew that there was much more untapped potential. The venue had a newly finished dining room with a rustic feel and beautiful landscaping. The tavern owners knew how to make great food and provide a great experience, they just needed a little bit of guidance on the marketing side of the business. After meeting with the owners a few times, I assembled three different teams of students that would provide digital assistance to Woodside throughout the semester. Team 1 focused on providing a "PR Playbook" to guide Woodside in responding to social media reviews and criticism. Team 2 worked to provide Woodside with a Facebook strategy and content calendar that would improve reach and escalate engagement among page followers. Last but not least, Team 3 completely rebuilt the Woodside website with a user-centered design that adhered to all three different target audiences.


Although these teams each had their distinct focuses, we collaborated to design a rebrand that could clearly illustrate the products and services Woodside was able to provide. Along with the website redesign, our rebrand included a title change from "Woodside on the range" to simply "Woodside". We were especially excited to separate the pavilion side of the business from the tavern in order to specifically advertise the venue as a tremendous wedding space. Due to Covid-19, the rebrand is still in process and we can't wait for the website design to be implemented this fall.

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